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Please select the appropriate form or document below that you wish to complete online. All forms require approximately 3-5 business days for processing by ISS.

Important! Once you have started a specific form, do not start a new one if you log off Please go to your User Home Page to continue working on your online form in progress.

Immigration and Status

  • Newly Admitted Students
  • Enrolled Students
    • Vacation Quarter - if you have been full-time for three quarters, or started your program in winter or spring without a break and plan to take less than 12 credits undergraduate (less than 15 for SACM students) or less than 6 graduate (less than 9 credits SACM students)
    • Concurrent Enrollment - if you plan to enroll at a college other than SPU. This is only an option in the summer for undergraduates.  
    • Change of Education Level - if you receive admission to a new degree program at SPU and need to request a new I-20
    • F-2 Dependent Request - if you plan to bring a spouse and/or dependent child after your F-1 initial I-20 has already been issued
    • Financial Information Update - if your financial sponsor changes while studying at SPU
    • Final Quarter - if this is your last quarter at SPU 
    • Health Insurance Waiver Request - if you are on a government sponsored scholarship (SACM, Kuwait Libya, Qatar, EG)
    • Leave of Absence - if you need to exit the U.S. for one quarter for personal, family, or medical reasons; must resume studies the next quarter or within 5 months- whichever is sooner
    • Program Extension -  if you will not complete your academic program by the end date stated on your most recent I-20
    • Reactivation - after leave of absence of less than 5 months
    • Reduced Course Load (RCL) - if you need to drop below full-time enrollment for academic difficulties or a medical reason. Use the Vacation Quarter form above for reduced course load due to vacation. 
    • Transfer Out - if you plan to transfer to another SEVIS-approved U.S. school

Employment Authorization